Company Profile
At 1980 Mr. Jazeel Jassim started work in the field of mechanical and civil contracts where the beginnings was with sand blasting and cleaning and painting of the steel structures and ships and oil Tanks after that he interred the pipeline field including all associated civil and mechanical works where it was in a form of subcontracts with other companies.
At 2001 and after gaining the wide Experience and possessing of different Equipment’s, ALJAZEEL company for general contracts have been Established with 2000000 two million Iraqi Dinar of capital and with registration Number of 8041
At 2006 company capital have been increased to 302000000 Three hundred and Two million Iraqi Dinar
At 2007 company capital have been increased to 752000000 Seven hundred and Fifty Two million Iraqi Dinar
At 2009 company capital have been increased to 3002000000 Three billion and Two million Iraqi Dinar
At 2010 company capital have been increased to 5000000000 Five billion Iraqi Dinars
At 2014 company capital have been increased to 20000000000 Twenty billion Iraqi Dinars

Company Targets
ALJAZEEL Company Aims to build the national economy and develops the local Experiences by implementing different types of contracts in national and private and mixed sectors according to the national developments plans and planning regulations and that achieved by

1-Execution jobs related with construct and expand various constructions and roads, bridges, rail ways, air ports, dams, tanks, irrigation projects, survey, ports and water and sewer work and any other works related with civil constructions.
2-Execution mechanical and Electrical contracts including all works of installation Equipment and machines of pumping stations and power generating stations and air conditioning systems, sanitary and sewer systems.
3- Pipeline installation and construction and maintenance of oil storage tanks and any and all work related to this field.


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